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Dynamic Practice Consultation Group

I love my job and I love it even more after my own group or individual consultation. Consultation gives me richer meaning, a clearer understanding and a path forward with myself and my clients. My consultation groups are a place for clinicians to process their work with clients, explore dilemmas and challenging situations and hear how other people are managing their businesses. All of this is done in connection with other clinicians who are walking similar paths as therapists.

I welcome clinicians who are new to the field and want to dive into private practice as well as seasoned therapists who are looking for a sense of camaraderie and a place to process their work. We will explore countertransference, transference, misses, uncertainties and successes all within a supportive environment.

In addition to cases, this group is a place to focus on practice goals and development as well as to grapple with all the feelings that come with owning a business and being someone's therapist.

I also provide individual consultation and practice building for therapists.

Current Biweekly Groups:  

  • Fridays @ 9-10:15am (zoom)

  • Fridays @ 10:30-11:45am (in person)

If we own the story we can write
the ending.

-Brene Brown

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