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Group Therapy

I've never met a client who eagerly skipped into group; most people are scared beyond belief thinking about joining a group! Rest assured, this is normal. My therapy groups are a mix of adult men and women who'd like to deepen their understanding of how they relate to others. Although support occurs, my groups are focused on relating to one another rather than supporting one another. While family of origin and current relationship issues may be shared, the primary focus is on the "here and now" of the group experience. It can feel awkward or different to interact this way, but it is with new experiences that we can make lasting changes to our old scripts and past stories.

Who would benefit most from a process group? 

People who struggle with social anxiety, attachment issues, feeling identification and expression, relationship dissatisfaction, challenges with general connection and authenticity and those who feel an overall sense of emptiness as if going through the motions with little or no joy. Please contact me to learn more about the process of joining.

Group meets weekly for 75 minutes a session. In getting started, I ask group members for a 3-month commitment to decide if group is a good fit for them.

Current Process Groups:  

  • Wednesdays @ 12pm (in person)

  • Wednesdays @ 4:45pm (schedule of zoom + in person)

By the crowd they have been broken, by the crowd they shall be healed.

-Louis Ormont

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