People come to see me when they feel stuck, want things to change or feel as if they are in a constant loop; the same thing happens over and over again. I help people become more clear about what they really want. I work with a variety of clients ranging in age from 19-76 years old. Regardless of age or issue, my clients want to feel more calm, have more purpose and meaning and crave a deeper sense of knowing who they are and who they want to become.

At my core, I am a relational therapist, which means I care very much about what is happening in the room between me and my clients. There is a richness, possibilities for learning and valuable relational information within the therapeutic relationship.

A typical therapy session may include topics such as: coping strategies, boundaries, connection, stress, loss, compassion and self-care. I view each individual as the expert on his/her own life, see you ultimately responsible for your choices and will empower you to make changes that feel healthy for you. I enjoy the power of the therapeutic relationship!

Although humans rarely die from trauma, if we do not resolve it our lives can be severely diminished by its effects.

-Peter Levine

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